The perfect flooring in a modern living space

Choose the flooring that best fits your requirements

The best flooring varies from homeowner to homeowner, depending on your requirements and preferences. What makes the perfect floors for one might not be suitable for another, but we have some tips in today's post that will help you narrow your options ideally.

Flooring that caters to your specific needs

The first thing to consider when picking a floor covering just for your home is your level of traffic, especially if you have children or pets. The more active your household, the more durable your floor covering needs to provide favorable results long term.

For instance, if you have both pets and children and lots of traffic through your home, be sure to choose a hard-wearing material like hardwood, stone, or porcelain tile. Luxury vinyl flooring also offers extensive protection, with a wear layer that resists scratches, scrapes, fading, and more.

If your traffic levels are low and lifestyle quiet and reserved, you can get by with something a little less hardy, allowing you to choose carpets and vinyl with thinner wear layers. You'll get the same great results and save a bit on the budget at the same time for excellent floors.

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