Flooring installation


Why you should hire us for a professional installation

A flooring installation or backsplash may seem quick and easy, but most homeowners can't master the learning curve, and they end up with a floor or wall that's less than satisfactory. It takes specialized tools and knowledge to make it all come together effortlessly. You'll save time and money by hiring professionals; at Floors 4 Iowa, your flooring company in Ankeny, IA, we do it methodically, and in four stages, so you'll always be aware of who is responsible for what.

Phase 1: measuring

We consider this crucial because it estimates how much product to order and how much it will cost. Too much product results in waste, but not enough can result in delays. All rooms would be perfect squares in an ideal world, but they aren’t, so we'll take into careful account door sills, baseboards, and moldings. If it’s a backsplash installation, we'll also measure around windows, storage, counters, and cabinets. We encourage our customers to take their measurements so they can compare with ours and ask questions. Note, however, that there are times we’ll add around 10 percent, especially when we're installing hardwood to account for any waste related to woodcutting.



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Phase 2: price estimate

You need to know upfront that all our installations have a one-year warranty, so if anything, whether tile, hardwood, carpet, vinyl, or laminate, needs correcting, we'll be right there at no charge. As for the numbers, our installers will join you to crunch the numbers. We’ll be very detailed, even down to disposal, subfloor inspection & possible repair, and furniture moving, so there will never be a question about who does what.

Phase 3: preparation

Some floorings, such as hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl, must have specific actions, such as acclimation, done before the installation takes place. While this is a simple process, it should not be avoided. We will tell you exactly why and how it should be done. With tile and backsplash installations, layouts should be done ahead of time; it makes installation go faster, there is less cutting and remember, and, remember, there is no going back for corrections.

This material is a favorite among builders, architects and designers because of the high-end look, durability, affordability, waterproof characteristics and easy care. Come into the Floors 4 Iowa showroom in Ankeny, IA to explore the product and get a free in-home consultation about our installation services. Our location is convenient to areas in and around Ankeny, IA, Des Moines, IA, Ames, IA, Waukee, IA, Bondurant, IA, West Des Moines, IA, Clive, IA, Johnston, IA, Altoona, IA && Grimes, IA.